Our Clients

Our experts have a common approach and methodology, which they apply individually or in collaboration with other members of the network. CPN members have extensive experience with clients at all levels and differing functions of an organisation. We can adapt our focus depending on where the problem lies.

For managers:

You want to ensure that your organization is well-prepared and fit for unforeseen events. We can help you identify emerging issues before they become a problem. If the crisis has already broken, you may be looking for an experienced partner to help you navigate the storm and give you an unbiased experts perspective. You know this could be the key to safeguarding your companies reputation.

Our consultants have extensive experience in supporting company leaders across the globe.

For communicators

Effective communication can turn a crisis into an opportunity. You fully recognize that if you don‘t walk the walk, you can‘t talk the talk.

We can help you combine a solid communication strategy with systemized crisis management and monitoring either before, during or after a crisis.

As your sparring partner or your team-on-site, we can help you master the challenges that go beyond the resources you have in-house.

For risk-managers

Risk and crisis management go hand-in-hand. You want to leave no stone unturned to make your organization risk and crisis-proof.

We can help you make sure that all procedures are tested and synchronized, get decision-makers on board, develop effective tools and metrics to ensure that not a single detail has been missed …

Our experts have extensive experience in setting up systems that work.