Advisory Services

Our team of consultants can offer you advice either before, during or after a crisis.

Crisis Check-Up

Our Crisis Check-Up procedure will show you precisely how well your organisation is prepared to manage a crisis. After we have analysed the results you will receive nothing less than a diagnosis and a blueprint for further action. All being well, this may be the only time you need to work with us. If not, we can help you plug the gaps.

Crisis Preparedness

Our crisis preparedness support consists of four main cycles in a step-by-step process to make your organisation fit for any crisis. This includes procedures, systems, definitions, tools and handbooks as well as a training and evaluation program.

Issue Management

Good issue management is the single most effective way of preventing a crisis. Our system is simple to implement, and allows you to hear the grass growing, while still concentrating on your daily business. Supported by data from The Brand Ticker we can accompany your teams in a way that leads to issue management becoming an integral part of your business practice.

Crisis Communication & Response

It is a fact of life that crises are more often judged on the basis of their communication than on the way they are managed. Public opinion about facts is stronger than the facts themselves and can spread faster than ever through digital communication. That is why well-prepared communication and response have become essential elements of successful crisis management. Our experts support you at all levels to find the right strategy, the right words and the right action at individual, media or social media level.

Litigation Communication

In today‘s fast-moving media world, companies and individuals are tried in the court of public opinion long before the verdict is ever pronounced in a Court of Law. This means communication advice has become as important as legal counsel on the long road toward trial. Our litigation experts have handled some of the most controversial and high-profile court cases of the century and are well-placed to help safeguard your reputation in the wake of legal action.

Media Monitoring

When it comes to being informed early, it is crucial to monitor print, online, and social media. If you do not have a service in place already, Adwired AG media monitoring for CPN includes some 20,000 print media worldwide, more than 50,000 online media, and 200 million social-media sources. Automatic pre-filters help to cope with large amounts of data when a broad range of topics and vigorous discourse need to be covered. A specialized team of 100 editors covers 30 languages and helps to reliably filter the really relevant information from the data flow and as part of crisis management to immediately send it to the appropriate bodies. Monitoring occurs continuously and can, depending on the situation, be operated alternately in stand-by or intensive mode and linked to additional measures related to crisis management.